Roger Taylor (Queen)

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Roger Taylor (Queen)
Ic queue music 48px.svg sjonger en/of muzikant
Roger Taylor yn 2017
Roger Taylor yn 2017
persoanlike bysûnderheden
echte namme Roger Meddows Taylor
nasjonaliteit Flag of the United Kingdom (3-5).svg Britsk
berne 26 july 1949
berteplak King's Lynn
etnisiteit Flag of England.svg Ingelsk
sjenre Rock,
sjongtaal Ingelsk
ynstrumint drums
grutste hit(s) Bohemian Rhapsody,
Somebody to Love,
We Will Rock You,
We Are the Champions,
Crazy Little Thing Called Love,
Under Pressure,
Radio Ga Ga,
I Want to Break Free
jierren aktyf 1968 – No

Roger Meddows Taylor OBE (King's Lynn 26 july 1949) is in Ingelsk drummer. Hy is bekend as de oprjochter en drummer fan Queen. Taylor en syn mei-bandleden fan Queen waarden yn 2001 opnaam yn de Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Roger Taylor is de heit fan drummer Rufus Taylor

Karriêre[bewurkje seksje | boarne bewurkje]

Yn 1968 kaam drummer Roger Taylor by de troch Brian May en Tim Staffell oprjochte band Smile. Dizze band bestie mar twa jier, fan 1968 oant 1970. Neidat Smile ophâlden wie sette Roger Taylor mei gitarist Brian May in nije band op, in sjonger waard fûn yn de persoan fan Farrokh Bulsara dy't himsels letter Freddie Mercury neamde en ek de betinker is fan de bandnamme Queen. In bassist wie dreger te finen mar yn 1971 waard John Deacon de bassist fan Queen. Yn 1977 gie Taylor al solo as projekt neist Queen. Taylor syn earste solo-album Fun in Space kaam yn 1981 út.

Priveelibben[bewurkje seksje | boarne bewurkje]

Roger Taylor waard berne yn King's Lynn, Norfolk, Ingelân, as jongste yn in gesin fan twa. Taylor is twa kear boaske en hat fiif bern út trije relaasjes.

Diskografy[bewurkje seksje | boarne bewurkje]

Albums[bewurkje seksje | boarne bewurkje]

Album Utbrocht op Band Single(s)
Queen 13 july 1973 Queen Keep Yourself Alive,
Queen II 8 maart 1974 Seven Seas of Rhye
Sheer Heart Attack 8 novimber 1974 Killer Queen,
Now I'm Here
A Night at the Opera 21 novimber 1975 Bohemian Rhapsody,
You're My Best Friend
A Day at the Races 10 desimber 1976 Somebody to Love,
Tie Your Mother Down,
Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together),
Good Old-Fashioned Lover Boy,
Long Away
News of the World 28 oktober 1977 We Are the Champions,
Spread Your Wings,
It's Late
Jazz 10 novimber 1978 Bicycle Race,
Don't Stop Me Now,
The Game 30 juny 1980 Crazy Little Thing Called Love,
Save Me,
Play the Game,
Another One Bites the Dust,
Need Your Loving Tonight
Flash Gordon 8 desimber 1980 Flash
Fun in Space 6 april 1981 Roger Taylor Future Management,
Let's Get Crazy,
My Country
Hot Space 21 maaie 1982 Queen Under Pressure,
Body Language,
Las Palabras de Amor,
Calling All Girls,
Staying Power,
Back Chat
The Works 27 febrewaris 1984 Radio Ga Ga,
I Want to Break Free,
It's a Hard Life,
Hammer to Fall
Strange Frontier 25 juny 1984 Roger Taylor Man on Fire,
Strange Frontier,
Beautiful Dreams
A Kind of Magic 2 juny 1986 Queen One Vision,
Princes of the Universe,
A Kind of Magic,
One Year of Love,
Friends Will Be Friends,
Pain Is So Close to Pleasure,
Who Wants to Live Forever
Shove It 13 april 1988 The Cross
The Miracle 22 maaie 1989 Queen I Want It All,
The Invisible Man,
The Miracle
Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know 26 maart 1990 The Cross
Innuendo 4 febrewaris 1991 Queen Innuendo,
I'm Going Slightly Mad,
These Are the Days of Our Lives,
The Show Must Go On
Blue Rock 9 septimber 1991 The Cross
Happiness? 5 septimber 1994 Roger Taylor Nazis 1994,
Foreign Sand,
Made in Heaven 6 novimber 1995 Queen Heaven for Everyone,
A Winter's Tale,
Too Much Love Will Kill You,
I Was Born to Love You,
Let Me Live,
You Don't Fool Me
Electric Fire 28 septimber 1998 Roger Taylor Pressure On,
Fun on Earth 11 novimber 2013 The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken),
Sunny Day,
Be with You
Outsider 1 oktober 2021 Gangsters Are Running This World,
We're All Just Trying to Get By