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Nate Mendel

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Nate Mendel
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Nate Mendel (2011)
Nate Mendel (2011)
persoanlike bysûnderheden
echte namme Nathan ‍Gregor ‍Mendel
nasjonaliteit Amerikaansk
berne 2 desimber 1968
berteplak Richland
sjenre Grunge,
ynstrumint Basgitaar
grutste hit(s) Walk
The Pretender
jierren aktyf 1982-No

Nathan ‍Gregor ‍Mendel ( Richland, Washington, 2 desimber 1968) is in Amerikaanske bassist. Hy is benammen bekend as bassist fan de Foo Fighters. Nate Mendel wie in oantal jierren bassist fan de band Sunny Day Real Estate dêr't er twa albums mei útbrocht. Yn 1995 waard Mendel bassist fan de Foo Fighters.

Dit artikel is in stobbe oer muzikant.
Jo wurde útnûge en foegje jo witten hjir ta.

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Albums[bewurkje seksje | boarne bewurkje]

Album Utbrocht op Band Single(s)
Diary 10 maaie 1994 Sunny Day Real Estate Seven,
In Circles
Sunny Day Real Estate 7 novimber 1995
Foo Fighters 4 july 1995 Foo Fighters Exhausted,
This Is a Call,
I'll Stick Around,
For All the Cows,
Big Me
The Colour and the Shape 20 maaie 1997 Monkey Wrench,
My Hero
There Is Nothing Left to Lose 2 novimber 1999 Learn to Fly,
Stacked Actors,
Next Year
One by One 22 oktober 2002 All My Life,
Times Like These,
Have It All
The Fire Theft 23 septimber 2003 The Fire Theft
In Your Honor 14 juny 2005 Foo Fighters Best of You,
No Way Back/Cold Day in the Sun
Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace 25 septimber 2007 The Pretender,
Long Road to Ruin,
Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make Up Is Running),
Let It Die
Wasting Light 12 april 2011 Rope,
White Limo,
These Days,
Bridge Burning
Sonic Highways 10 novimber 2014 Something from Nothing,
The Feast and the Famine,
What Did I Do? / God as My Witness,
If I Kill This Thing We're All Going to Eat for a Week 10 maart 2015 Lieutenant
Concrete and Gold 15 septimber 2017 Foo Fighters Run,
The Sky Is a Neighborhood,
The Line
Medicine at Midnight 5 febrewaris 2021 Shame Shame,
No Son of Mine,
Waiting on a War,
Making a Fire,
Love Dies Young
But Here We Are 2 juny 2023 Rescued,
Under You,
Show Me How,
The Teacher

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