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Name's origin[boarne bewurkje]

Hello. When writing an article [1] on the island for the Catalan wikipedia, I found an explanation for the name in Dutch (schier means grey, "monnik" monk and oog island) but not for the one in Frisian. Is it the same? (sounds likely, but...). Could anyone please explain this?

Hallo. Toen ik schreef de artikel over Schiermonnikoog voor de Catalaanse wikipedia, ik heb wel een uitleg over de naam van de eiland in het Nederlands gevonden (schier betekent grijs, en oog betekent eiland) maar niet van de naam in het Fries. Is het hetzelfde? Kan iemand dit verklaren, a.u.b.?

Thanks./Dank u wel. -- 14.37, 19 apr 2005 (UTC)((Jahecaigut)

Yes, explanation is the same. First line of Skiednis (history) says: It eilân hjit nei de Skiere muontsen fan it kleaster Klaerkamp, by Rinsumageast. It translates: The island is called after the Grey moncks of the monastery Klaerkamp at Rinsumageast.

This is also on the english and dutch wiki as you probably will have seen.Theun 15.42, 19 apr 2005 (UTC)

OK, thanks. Oh, and sorry not to have written in Frisian, of course. What I wanted to know, though, is which part of the name Skiermûntseach corresponds to each thing. Is Skier "grey", mûntse "monk" and ach "island"? My Ducth is certainly not perfect; but I do know that the usual word for island is "eiland" (not "oog") and "grijs" for "grey" (instead of "schier")...so, can those "weird words" be attributed to Frisian as well? Thanks in advance.-- 18.03, 19 apr 2005 (UTC)

skier "grey", mûnts "monk", each "island". There's nothing more to that. I donot know a lot about etymology so I cannot tell the origin of the use of oog or each for an island. But also a number of East-Friesian islands in northern germany have the same extension (Wangerooge, Langeoog and Spiekeroog). Theun 19.25, 19 apr 2005 (UTC)
Thank you very much!! (yes this oog thing struck me as weird, because although in the "Dutch" version of the names in the Frisian islands it was also present on the German ones. But well, if you Frisian speaking people don't know it, I don't know whom it might do so. Anyways, thank you again for the patience and the swift answers.