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Hello, TheWikipedian1250. I appreciate you trying to help, but please refrain from removing pictures from the galleries on the pages about the mongoloid race, the Caucasian race, etc. I know it seems ridiculous (and nowadays we all know skin color is only skin deep, so the old teories were rubbish anyway), but according to the 'traditional' classification of the human race, the Finno-Ugric peoples en the Turkic peoples, including the Finns and the Turks, belonged to the Mongoloid race, while the Semitic, Cushitic and Hamitic peoples (including almost black-skinned folk like the Somalians and Ethiopians) belonged to the Caucasian race. I added the galleries at the bottom of the pages in part to illustrate the sheer lunacy of such theories. Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 25 jun 2019, 22.53 (CEST)

Thanks[boarne bewurkje]

Hello leneach fan e' Esk, thanks for explain me why Finns and Turks are also included in the gallery, sorry for my repeated edits, is that I even can accept the inclusion of Turkish people in this "racial category", since the Turkic peoples were historically a people with Mongolian-Asian physical traits, but, as for Finns, it's ridiculous, the Finnish-Mongol theory is so old and non-sense it not even should be taken into account nowadays, but, anyways, thanks for explain me the reason of that, regards. TheWikipedian1250 (oerlis) 25 jun 2019, 23.41 (CEST)

Kompjûteroersettings[boarne bewurkje]

Dei TheWikipedian1250. Jo feroarings op siden Dea en Angelsaksen lykje kompjûteroersettings. Nei alle gedachten omdat jo it Frysk net machtich binne. Sokke bewurkings besoargje oaren in soad wurk om it wer rjocht te breidzjen en binne dêrom weromdraaid. Frou Watzema (oerlis) 26 jun 2019, 07.47 (CEST)