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You probably were more or less right about Jirnsum. But I wonder: How did you know, as you don't understand the Frisian of the page nor the Dutch of the link? Aliter 9 sep 2008, 19.36 (CEST)[beäntwurdzje]

Hi Aliter, I've just understand that the article is about a city (or a village), and the link not. I also think, this IP was on the blacklist in the SWMT-Channel, but I'm not quite sure. —YourEyesOnly 11 sep 2008, 12.53 (CEST)[beäntwurdzje]

OK, thanks for your help. Do be careful, though: They linked themselves in in the section about village life, which does in fact include two theater groups, then added a link to their website. They turn out to be a single couple, performing in spare time, but had they been a group like the other two, the link would probably have been acceptable, until the group got a page of its own.

If you're doubtful about an edit, but can't read it to be sure, feel free to ask one of the other participants, or ask on the Wikipedy:Oerlisside if others can check it out. (And remember: What's Spam on en: isn't necessarily Spam fy: as well.) Aliter 11 sep 2008, 23.52 (CEST)[beäntwurdzje]