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    Wwikix: Please stop 'fixing' the categories in the Frisian Wikipedia pages. This is not how we do things here. Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 24 jan 2017, 15.49 (CET)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

    How are you doing? Compared with other categories it seems all right to me. Wwikix (oerlis) 24 jan 2017, 15.55 (CET)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]
    Look, I've seen that you did good work with adding some new categories, for instance for Tholen (gemeente) etc. Thank you for that. The problem that I have with what you're doing, is that you erase all of the categories but one in the main article of a category. So for instance on the page Goeree-Oerflakkee you erased all of the categories except for Kategory:Goeree-Oerflakkee. Now, I know that's the way the English language Wikipedia works, but here in the Frisian Wikipedia we like to keep not only the main category, but also those other categories on the corresponding article's page. Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 24 jan 2017, 16.17 (CET)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

    Please, take a break so we can check your categories Drewes (oerlis) 1 nov 2018, 18.03 (CET)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

    I'll take a break after doing some categories in order to get things completed. Wwikix (oerlis) 2 nov 2018, 15.16 (CET)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]
    Ok Drewes (oerlis) 2 nov 2018, 15.19 (CET)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]