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Tekenfilm[boarne bewurkje]

Hello. An tekenfilm is a traditionally drawn animated film. That's all. Yours sinc. Drewes (oerlis) 2 des 2017, 17.12 (CET)

Hm, I don't think I agree. (I've already written so in Frisian, but you might not be able to follow.) A tekenfilm is a animation from drawings, but for quite a while those have been created with computer aid. Thus, I would say that any animation in tekenfilm-style could be classified as tekenfilm. Animaasje-films, on the other hand, are all frame-based motion films. This includes films about clay-puppets, paper-cuts, and all other moving inanimate objects. Mysha (oerlis)

Liv and Maddie[boarne bewurkje]

? Mysha (oerlis)