Suicidal Tendencies

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Suicidal Tendencies
Ic queue music 48px.svg band
Suicidal Tendencies yn 2017
Suicidal Tendencies yn 2017
algemiene ynformaasje
nasjonaliteit Flag of the United States.svg Amerikaansk
sjongtaal Ingelsk
sjenre Metal
bestean 1981 – No
label(s) Frontier,
Sang Cyco Miko
Gitaar Dean Pleasants
Gitaar Ben Weinman
Bas Ra Díaz
Drums Dave Lombardo

Suicidal Tendencies is in Amerikaanske metalband yn 1981 oprjochte yn Los Angeles. Yn 1983 brocht de band syn debútalbum "Suicidal Tendencies" út. Suicidal Tendencies hat fjirtjin studio-albums en twa live-albums útbrocht.

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Diskografy[bewurkje seksje | boarne bewurkje]

Studio-albums[bewurkje seksje | boarne bewurkje]

Album Utbrocht op Label Single(s)
Suicidal Tendencies 5 july 1983 Frontier Institutionalized
Join the Army 9 juny 1987 Caroline Possessed to Skate
How Will I Laugh Tomorrow
When I Can't Even Smile Today
13 septimber 1988 Epic Trip at the Brain,
How Will I Laugh Tomorrow
Controlled by Hatred/Feel Like Shit...
Déjà Vu
17 oktober 1989 Waking the Dead,
How Will I Laugh Tomorrow (Heavy Emotion Version)
Lights...Camera...Revolution! 3 july 1990 You Can't Bring Me Down,
Send Me Your Money,
The Art of Rebellion 30 juny 1992 Nobody Hears,
Asleep at the Wheel,
I'll Hate You Better
Still Cyco After All These Years 15 juny 1993 I Saw Your Mommy
Suicidal for Life 14 juny 1994 Love vs. Loneliness,
What You Need's a Friend
Freedumb 18 maaie 1999 Suicidal
Free Your Soul and Save My Mind 12 septimber 2000
No Mercy Fool!/The Suicidal Family 7 septimber 2010
13 26 maart 2013
World Gone Mad 30 septimber 2016 Clap Like Ozzy,
Living For Life
Still Cyco Punk After All These Years 7 septimber 2018 F.U.B.A.R.

Live-albums[bewurkje seksje | boarne bewurkje]

Album Utbrocht op Label
Lights... Camera... Suicidal 20 novimber 1990 Columbia
Live at the Olympic Auditorium 26 jannewaris 2010 Suicidal

Kompilaasje-albums[bewurkje seksje | boarne bewurkje]

Album Utbrocht op
F.N.G. 29 juny 1992
Prime Cuts 3 juny 1997
Playlist: The Very Best of Suicidal Tendencies 26 jannewaris 2010
コレクション (Collection) 3 septimber 2013