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Sarah Jessica Parker 2009
Parker yn New York City, juny 2003

Sarah Jessica Parker (Nelsonville (Ohio), 25 maart 1965) is in Amerikaansk telefyzje- en Filmaktrise ûnder oaren bekend fan har haadrol as Carrie Bradshaw yn de Amerikaanske searje Sex and the City dy't op de Amerikaanske stjoerder HBO te sjen wie fan 1998 oant 2004.

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Jier Titel Rol Oantekenings
1974 The Little Match Girl The Little Match Girl
1982 Square Pegs Patty Greene seizoen 1 (1982-1983)
1983 Somewhere Tomorrow Lori Anderson
1984 Footloose Rusty
1985 Girls Just Want to Have Fun Janey Glenn
1986 A Year in the Life Kay Erickson (The "Free Spirited" girl) In minirige yn 1986. Ien seizoen 1987-1988.
Flight of the Navigator Carolyn McAdams
1990 Equal Justice Jo Ann Harris (1990-1991)
1991 L.A. Story SanDeE*
1992 In the Best Interest of the Children Callie Cain
1992 Honeymoon in Vegas Betsy/Donna
1993 Striking Distance Jo Christman/Det. Emily Harper
Hocus Pocus Sarah Sanderson
1994 Ed Wood Dolores Fuller
1995 Miami Rhapsody Gwyn Marcus
1996 Mars Attacks! Nathalie Lake
If Lucy Fell Lucy Ackerman
The First Wives Club Shelly Stewart
Extreme Measures Jodie Trammel
1997 'Til There Was You Francesca Lanfield
1998 Sex and the City Carrie Bradshaw 6 seizoenen (1998-2004)
1999 Dudley Do-Right Nell Fenwick
2000 State and Main Claire Wellesley
2001 Life Without Dick Colleen Gibson direct-to-video
2005 The Family Stone Meredith Morton
2006 Strangers with Candy Peggy Callas
Failure to Launch Paula
2007 Spinning Into Butter Sarah Daniels
2008 Smart People Janet Hartigan
Sex and the City: The Movie Carrie Bradshaw
2009 Did You Hear About The Morgans? Meryl Morris
2010 Sex and the City 2 Carrie Bradshaw

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