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Please review the map[boarne bewurkje]

Map showing the principal places mentioned in Ohthere's account: modern scholarship has commonly identified Ohthere's Sciringes heal with Skíringssalr, a historical site near Larvik, but it may have been located slightly west of Lindesnes, the southern tip of modern Norway. Also it is unclear whether it is Ireland or Iceland that was mentioned in his original account.

Apologies for writing in English. The map that appears in this article was previously used in the English article en:Ohthere of Hålogaland, but now the English article is more fully developed than it was and uses the map shown here. This is because, as I believe, the older map is seriously in error. You may wish to review my comments on the Talk page for the older map here and consider using the map shown here instead. Thanks for reading. Nortonius (oerlis) 2 maaie 2015, 17.50 (CEST)