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Hello, I'm sorry. I am from Germany and don't know Westfrisian, just Low German. I have some Problems with this article. It links to the other language versions of the articles "Anglo-Frisian languages" but names itself "Noardwestgermaanske talen" which is not the same. The ingvaeonic languages consist also of Low German and other whilst the Anglo-Frisian languages consist of what you wrote in this article. You just dinstinguish between these things and write an article on "Northsea germanic" and link to "Anglo-Frisian languages" in other language versions. You should then also make this distinction in the article. Thanks a lot. Zylbath (talk) 15 mrt 2012, 10.50 (CET)

Same topic as above: I linked this article now to d:Q30134 (Ingvaeonic languages). If you want to write an article about Anglo-Frisian languages, then please do, but the link should be d:Q5329170 then. Hartelk gröötnis faan frrwiki! --Murma174 (talk) 8 mrt 2013, 13.35 (CET)