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Breaking Now: Bunch of Problems on CNN Deltalina's Travel tips video[boarne bewurkje]

There are a bunch of Problems on the CNN Deltalina travel tips video and it very badly needs a reboot/reshoot by late 2015.

List of Problems

  • 2: Why don't we see her interviewing until 0:07 in the clip?
  • 3: Why is she holding a heavy jacket in her hand?
  • 4: Why did the cameraman look at her old squeaky black pointy heels (Early 2005-Late 2012) (at 00:04 and 00:39) (sounding if it was a chick that twitted and got shot) instead looking at her body?
  • 5: Why don't she tell us her travel tips right away until 0:27 Into the clip?
  • 6: Why are there American/British flaglets and stickers on her baggage?, she is not brtish.
  • 7:Why is her voice sounded so squeaky again in the CNN video?,
  • 8: And why is the plane a 777-200ER in the interior and a old colored CRJ-200 on the outside?


They need to re shoot this CNN video (because it has been outdated since the fall of 2014 (she is not an instructor anymore) and needs to be deleted by February 6, 2015.) and this time in October 2015, With a Delta 737-900ER (N831DN), both inside and outside, get more serious tips and have lee wear her red uniform this time instead.

2602:304:AF53:3E99:9DF8:AF48:C5A4:FFE9 28 jan 2015, 00.09 (CET)[beäntwurdzje]