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Kinne wy nei fase III oer as we in nije W begjinne, en dan sels de siden tebek sette? Mear op grutte Oerlis side.

Kunnen wij naar fase III over als we een nieuwe W beginnen, en dan zelf de pagina's terug zetten? Meer op de algemene Overleg pagina.

                                   (Blue Peter)


Hi. I can't find the fy embassy page. According to the English embassy it is but that does not exist. Could you update the link on the main m:Meta:Embassy please? -- en:user:Tarquin.

Am I at the right place Walter :-) Just to check, have you an embassy page ?

I spam you below with the goings-on stuff as all ambassadors. Keep us inform of the newletter over there :-) Anthere

Wikipedia-wide information network[boarne bewurkje]


I am Anthere. I only speak french and english. I hope someone will be able to translate this, and I apologise if I did not put it in the right place :-)

I would like that information circulate better between wikipedias, so that all wikipedians can participate more, and keep its own identity at the same time.

For this reason, I recently set a page on meta, m: Goings-on.

Hopefull, at any time, this page could indicate the current discussions, polls, votes or general announcements. 3 pages were already locally created on the spanish, the french, on the bulgarian and the english wikipedia. A global one is now on meta.

Each local page is about general on-goings as well as local ones.
Meta page aims at being about global occurences.

The page is different from the announcement page. The announcement is more oriented toward external communication (such as number of pages, special adverstisement), while the on-goings aim at mentionning community events (such as a new feature poll, elections of board of trustees).

To compare both pages :

It would be great that each wikipedia in time, set a similar page, so that information could flow more easily between wikipedia. If you do so, please do set the goings-on page locally, so that every wikipedians on *your* wikipedia can see it and participate to it, and please link it to the meta page.

For bigger wikipedia, it is also interesting to set a goings-on page to relieve the local village pump, often clogged with information request.

For small wikipedias, since it is difficult to maintain such a community page with less contributors, it makes sense to merge the goings-on in the village pump, or in the community main page (perhaps by making a separate paragraph).

I am also looking for people who would agree to update the local goings-on in their language. Please, contact me at my talk page for any support, suggestion and feedback.

Thank you very much for your attention :-)

Donation banner translation[boarne bewurkje]

Hello Walter, could you translate the donation banner text below into Fy:? Be careful to use html, and not wiki markup.

To help support Wikipedia, please visit <a 
fundraising page</a>, or read about <a 
we use the money for</a>.

Put the translated text here to update this site:

Thanks! Sj 11.05, 14 jul 2004 (UTC)

Gedaan. Aliter 13.02, 14 jul 2004 (UTC)

Stats[boarne bewurkje]

Ja, ik hie sjoen dat se neat mear dienen, en dat jo der oer skreaunen. Ik wit allinnich net wat der mei moat: as jo de ieniche binne dy't der wat fan seit, kinne wy dan reklame foar Netstats opnimme, inkelt foar statistiken dy skynber net in soad brûkt wurde, wylst wy sels ek statistiken byhâlde?
Ja, ik had gezien dat ze niet meer werkten, en dat je er wat over schreef. Ik weet alleen niet zeker wat we er aan moeten doen: als je de enige bent die er iets van zegt, kunnen we dan rechtvaardigen dat we reclame voor Netstats opnemen om zo statistieken te krijgen die blijkbaar niet veel gebruikt worden, terwijl we intussen ook zelf statistieken bijhouden? Aliter 18.51, 18 jan 2005 (UTC)

Wat je ermee doet moet je als Friestalige Wikipedia zelf weten. Het enigste wat ik zie is dat die teller buiten dienst is sinds 31/12 en nu nog steeds dit terwijl je alleen maar een spatie moet plaatsen om die te herstellen. Is dat echt nodig om de hoofdpagina te beschermen? Het aantal bezoekers van de wiki is extreem weinig.
De teller; ik heb die erop gezet op 30/12/2002. Dankzij die teller heb je een historisch overzicht over de evolutie van het aantal bezoekers, net als WikipediaNL. Alle andere Wikipedia's hebben dat niet. De eigen stats van Wikipedia lopen achter en geven een andere soort van informatie. Ze liggen nu trouwens weer eens uit. Reclame; er is een icoontje zichtbaar. Dat zou je reclame kunnen noemen met veel verbeelding. Het is jullie wiki, doe wat je wil --Walter 22.13, 22 jan 2005 (UTC)

Wikimania PR[boarne bewurkje]

Hello, I'm contacting you as you are listed as the ambassador for your Wikipedia!

It would be nice if also your Wikipedia could place the Wikimania PR banner on MediaWiki:Sitenotice. The text which should be used (translated into your language) is:

[[Image:Wikimania-468x60-en.png|100px]] The first '''[ International Wikimedia Conference]''' will take place in [[Frankfurt]] [[August 4|4.]]-[[August 8|8 August]]!

The text should be kept until August.

Greetings, 18.52, 16 mai 2005 (UTC)

Science pearls[boarne bewurkje]


I address you as the ambassador of your wikipedia. Please notice the above project.

This project, more than other projects, will benefit from inter-wiki cooperation. Can you post a message regarding this project at your wikipedia village pump?

Thanks for your help, APH from the English wiki

I the foreigner. I do not understand the Frisian(Nederlandstalige) language[boarne bewurkje]

I the foreigner. I do not understand the Frisian(Nederlandstalige) language. Help, please to create clause in the Frisian(Nederlandstalige) language. Clause should be translated from English on the Frisian(Nederlandstalige) language. I the author of clause about known Ukrainian sculptor Shmatko (in Russian, Ukrainian and English languages) Can look here I shall be grateful to you for the help.

Mykola Havrylovych Shmatko (Ukrainian: Микола Гаврилович Шматько) is a contemporary Ukrainian sculptor, professor and painter. Mykola Shmatko was born on 17th of August 1943 in Donetsk region, Ukraine.[1] He became a sculptor at the age of 33. The European culture and art inspired the creative potential that he incarnates in the marble. He has created the author’s art gallery of sculpture and painting - "Shmatko & Sons" [2]. This gallery represents 100 sculptures, more than 70 of which are made of Ural and Italian marble, 30 plaster casts and about 300 pictures (paintings, graphics, and architectural projects). Around 750 monuments starting from simple decoration to bas-relief, high relief, busts and sculptures. In 2000 he was appointed as a professor of Arts department by Moscow Institute of World Civilization to honor his contribution to art and culture.[3] In 2004 for his work of "Sviatohorska Blessed Virgin" - statue of the Theotokos "Hegumenia" for Sviato-Uspenskyi Sviatohorskyi Monastery, he was awarded the order of Nestor Letopisets by Volodymyr Sabodan, the Kyiv Metropolitan and all Ukraine.[4]


1985-1991: gallery "Shmatko & Sons", Bolhrad, Odessa region 1991-2003: gallery "Shmatko & Sons", Krasnyi Luch, Lugansk region 1992: Luhansk 1993: Kyiv 2000: Moscow Institute of "Universal Civilizations", Moscow 1985-1991: gallery "Shmatko & Sons", Bolhrad, Odessa region 2003: Donetsk 2003-2004: gallery "Shmatko & Sons", Sloviansk, Donetsk region 2004-2010: gallery "Shmatko & Sons", Luhansk 2007: Biennale 2007, Florence, Italy, 4th place award in sculpture and installation [1] 2009: Biennale 2009, Florence, Italy


^ BIENNALE INTERNAZIONALE DELL'ARTE CONTEMPORANEA 2007, citta di Firenze, Via R. Francardi 28 56128 Marina di Pisa (PI: Spaini & Partners, 2007, p. 678 ^ Antipova, Alla (September 11, 1999), ""The sculptor from under the grounds"", The Day (Ukraine, Kyiv) 167 ^ Smirnova, Helen (September 10, 2003), ""I lived 13 years in a vault"", Facts and comments (Ukraine, Donetsk) ^ Aseeva, Anna (July 18, 2008), "The person from a marble", Zerkalo Nedeli (Ukraine, Kyiv) 26

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