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(sels-advys, oanpakke dizze: Befêstigjen np - Ut Wikipedy Gean nei: navigaasje, sykje Dizze befêstiginskoade jildt net (mear). Faaks is de koade ferrûn.)

Thanks for telling me about the different format. I use a script to make all my userpages, so on many wikis they end up as redlinks. Looks like we both know that their are some people who will get upset if you edit their page..luckily I'm not one of them. Thanks again. :) --Az1568 27 mrt 2008, 18.20 (CET)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]

Staveringshifker[boarne bewurkje]

Hello Snakesteuben, I think that your method for installing the Frisian spell checking for Mozilla Firefox is too complicated for average users. Firefox uses a XPI archives to install a wordbook. I have made a XPI archive to install the Frisian wordbook of Eeltje de Vries and Kevin Scannell into Firefox and Thunderbird. See[1]. On 14 December 2007 Eeltje de Vries wrote me that he is trying to add the wordbook to the official Mozilla site for wordbooks. Bouwe Brouwer 6 apr 2008, 12.07 (CEST)Beäntwurdzje[beäntwurdzje]