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Aliter 8 sep 2008, 01.49 (CEST)

  • Hallo, in het Fries lukt mij niet: verkies je NL of EN ?
  • I was reverting an IP-user spamming an irrelevant Ubuntu screenshot across different wikipedia's. The screenshot was not appropriate, and just browse around some other wikipedias, and you'll see he's been revert a LOT everywhere (not only by me).
By the way, there's a similar thing going on with another IP spamming across different wikipedias. This one, it's an IP posting links to his personal math website across different language wikipedias. --LimoWreck 8 sep 2008, 19.17 (CEST)

Cross-wiki spam/pushing[boarne bewurkje]

An example of the screenshot spam/pushing by User:, and similar reverts:

I hope you see what this IP is doing; it just an irrelevant screenshot (nominated for deletion), and that's why people revert it of course ;-) --LimoWreck 8 sep 2008, 19.46 (CEST)

I would consider an image of a Personal Computer relevant to and article about the Personal Computer. Likewise a screenshot of an Operating System mostly running on Personal Computers.
It's that "SPAM"-qualification that's causing the problems: For the near-perfect articles of the big wikipedias nearly any addition will lower the quality, but on the near-non-existent articles of small wikipedias nearly any addition will be an improvement. The fact that the same addition is performed on all wikipedias does not mean it can be blanketed as SPAM and reverted Wikipedia-wide. If you did judge the article, and truly felt it was worse for the images, then you were justified in removing them (but you ought to have mentioned that reason in the summary). But it's a wikipedia-based issue, not a Wikimedia-wide one.
As to the math links: Would they be an improvement to our Wiskunde page? If so, I'm all for adding them. Aliter 8 sep 2008, 22.24 (CEST)