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Meat Loaf

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Meat Loaf
sjonger en/of muzikant
Meat Loaf (2004)
Meat Loaf (2004)
persoanlike bysûnderheden
echte namme Marvin Lee Aday
nasjonaliteit Amerikaansk
berne 27 septimber 1947
berteplak Dallas (Teksas)
stoarn 20 jannewaris 2022
stjerplak Nashville (Tennessee)
sjenre Rock
sjongtaal Ingelsk
grutste hit(s) Paradise by the Dashboard Light (ft. Ellen Foley),
I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)
jierren aktyf 1968-2022

Meat Loaf, berne as Marvin Lee Aday (Dallas (Teksas), 27 septimber 1947) – Nashville (Tennessee), 20 jannewaris 2022), wie in Amerikaansk sjonger en akteur. Hy waard benammen bekend troch syn hit Paradise by the Dashboard Light fan syn album Bat Out of Hell (1977), dy 't hy song mei Ellen Foley. De teksten en muzyk binne fan Jim Steinman.

Dit artikel is in stobbe oer muzikant.
Jo wurde útnûge en foegje jo witten hjir ta.

Diskografy[bewurkje seksje | boarne bewurkje]

Studio-albums[bewurkje seksje | boarne bewurkje]

Album Utbrocht op Label Single(s)
Bat Out of Hell 21 oktober 1977 Cleveland You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth,
Two Out of Three Ain't Bad,
Paradise by the Dashboard Light (ft. Ellen Foley),
Bat Out of Hell
Dead Ringer 4 septimber 1981 I'm Gonna Love Her for Both of Us,
More Than You Deserve,
Dead Ringer for Love
Midnight at the Lost and Found maaie 1983 Razor's Edge,
Midnight at the Lost and Found,
If You Really Want To
Bad Attitude novimber 1984 Arista Modern Girl,
Nowhere Fast,
Piece of the Action,
Take a Number,
Stand by Me,
Clap Your Hands
Blind Before I Stop septimber 1986 Rock 'n' Roll Mercenaries,
Blind Before I Stop,
Special Girl
Bat Out of Hell II:
Back into Hell
14 septimber 1993 Virgin I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That),
Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through,
Objects in the Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are
Welcome to the Neighbourhood 14 novimber 1995 I'd Lie for You (And That's the Truth),
Runnin' for the Red Light (I Gotta Life),
Not a Dry Eye in the House
Couldn't Have Said It Better 23 septimber 2003 Mercury Couldn't Have Said It Better,
Man of Steel
Bat Out of Hell III:
The Monster Is Loose
20 oktober 2006 It's All Coming Back to Me Now,
Cry Over Me
Hang Cool Teddy Bear 19 april 2010 Los Angeloser
Hell in a Handbasket 2 desimber 2011 Sony Stand in the Storm,
All of Me,
California Dreamin
Braver Than We Are 9 septimber 2016 Caroline Going All the Way,
Speaking in Tongues

Live-albums[bewurkje seksje | boarne bewurkje]

Album Utbrocht op Label
Live at Wembley oktober 1987 Arista
Live Around the World novimber 1996 Virgin
VH1: Storytellers 1999 Beyond
Bat Out of Hell:
Live with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
septimber 2004 Mercury
3 Bats Live oktober 2007
Guilty Pleasure Tour -
Live from Sydney, Australia
oktober 2012 Store For Music

Kompilaasje-albums[bewurkje seksje | boarne bewurkje]

Album Utbrocht op
Hits out of Hell 1985
Heaven & Hell 1989
Back from Hell:
The Very Best of Meat Loaf
Back from Hell Again! –
The Very Best of Meat Loaf Vol. 2
Alive in Hell
Heaven Can Wait –
The Best Ballads of Meat Loaf Vol. 1
The Very Best of Meat Loaf 1998
Piece of the Action:
The Best of Meat Loaf

Filmografy[bewurkje seksje | boarne bewurkje]

Filmografy as akteur
jier titel rol of funksje opmerkings
1975 The Rocky Horror Picture Show Eddie "In earder-besoarger"
1979 Americathon Oklahoma Devil, Roy Budnitz
1979 Scavenger Hunt Scum
1980 Roadie Travis W. Redfish
1981 Dead Ringer Meat Loaf, Marvin
1986 Out of Bounds Gil
1987 The Squeeze Titus
1991 Motorama Vern
1992 Wayne's World Tiny
Leap of Faith Hoover
1993 To Catch a Yeti Big Jake Grizzly
Angels in the Outfield Angel
1997 Bean Unnamed Cameo
Spiceworld Dennis
1998 Black Dog Red
The Mighty Iggy Lee
1999 Crazy in Alabama Sheriff John Doggett
Fight Club Robert 'Bob' Paulson
2000 Blacktop Jack
2001 The Ballad of Lucy Whipple Amos "Rattlesnake Jake" Frogge
Face to Face Driver
Rustin Coach Trellingsby
Focus Fred
2002 The 51st State The Lizard
Wishcraft Detective Sparky Shaw Op de ôftiteling as Michael Aday
The Salton Sea Bo
2004 A Hole in One Billy
2005 BloodRayne Leonid
The Pleasure Drivers Dale Op de ôftiteling as Meat Loaf Aday
Crazylove John Op de ôftiteling as Meat Loaf Aday
2006 Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny JB's heit
Masters of Horror Jake Feldman telefyzjesearje; Seizoen 2, ôflevering 6
2007 History Rocks Himsels Minisearje; Presintator
2008 Meat Loaf: In Search of Paradise Himsels dokumintêre
2010 Burning Bright Howie
Beautiful Boy Motel Manager Op de ôftiteling as Meat Loaf Aday
2014 Stage fright Roger McCall As Meat Loaf Aday

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