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John Ley

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John Ley (Warwick, 4 febrewaris 1583 - Sutton Coldfield, 16 maaie 1662) wie in Ingelsk predikant en in lid fan de Synoade fan Westminster.

Wurk[bewurkje seksje | boarne bewurkje]

Syn meast wichtige wurk:

  • An Apology in Defence of the Geneva Notes on the Bible (±1612).
  • A Patterne of Pietie, or the Religious life and death of that grave and gracious Matron, Mrs. Jane Ratcliffe, Widow, and Citizen of Chester, 1640.
  • Sunday a Sabbath, or a preparative Discourse for discussion of Sabbatary doubts, 1641.
  • The Christian Sabbath maintained, in Answer to a book of Dr. Pocklington stiled "Sunday no Sabbath." Antwurd oan John Pocklington.
  • 'A Letter against the Erection of an Altar,' 1641.
  • 'A Case of Conscience concerning the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper,' 1641.
  • 'Defensive Doubts, Hopes and Reasons for Refusall of the Oath imposed by the sixth Canon of the late Synod,' 1641.
  • 'A Comparison of the Parliamentary Prostestation with the late Canonical Oath,' 1641.
  • 'A Discourse concerning Puritans,' 1641.
  • 'A Monitor of Mortality,' 1643 (twa begraffenispreken).
  • 'Fury of War and Folly of Sin,' 1643, preek.
  • 'The New Quere and Determination upon it, by Mr. Saltmarsh … examined,' 1646.
  • 'Apologetical Narrative of the late Petition of the Common Council and Ministers of London,' 1646.
  • 'Light for Smoak, or a cleare and distinct Reply to a dark and confused Answer in a book made and entitled "The Smoke in the Temple" by John Saltmarsh,' 1646.
  • 'An After-reckoning with Mr. Saltmarsh,' 1646.
  • 'Attestation of the Ministers of Cheshire to the Testimony of the Ministers of the Province of London,' 1648.
  • 'Elaborate Annotations on the Pentateuch,' 1651.
  • 'A Learned Defence for the Legaluty of Tithes,' Oxford, 1653.
  • 'General Reasons against the Payment of a fifth part to Sequestered Ministers' Wives and Children … whereto are added special Reasons against the Payment of a fifth part to Dr. E. H[yde] out of the Rectory of Brightwell,' 1654.
  • 'Debate concerning the English Liturgy drawn out in two English and two Latin Epistles, written betwixt Edward Hyde and John Ley,' 1656.
  • 'Discourses or Disputations, chiefly concerning matters of Religion,' 1658.
  • 'Animadversions on two printed Books of Joh. Onely, a Lay Preacher.'
  • 'Equitable and Necessary Considerations for the Association of Arms throughout England and Wales.'
  • 'Comparison of the Oath of the Sixth Canon of the last Synod of Bishops and the Protestation set forth by the Parliament, in Answer to a letter of Pedoel Harlow, Gent.'
  • 'Exceptions Many and Just, being an Answer to two injurious Petitions against Tithes.'