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| map = [[ImageOfbyld:EnglandSomerset.png]]
| name = Somerset
| image =
| motto = Sumorsǣte ealle <br />''(''<nowiki>'</nowiki>all the people of Somerset<nowiki>'</nowiki>'')
| map = [[Image:EnglandSomerset.png]]
| alt=Map of England and Wales showing the position of Somerset, shaded in red, in the northern area of the south west peninsular.
| status = [[Ceremonial counties of England|Ceremonial]] & (smaller) [[Metropolitan and non-metropolitan counties of England|Non-metropolitan]] county
| origin = [[Historic counties of England|Historic]]
| region = [[South West England]]
| arearank = [[List of Ceremonial counties of England by Area|Ranked 7th]]
| area_km2 = 4171
| adminarearank = [[List of Administrative shire counties of England by Area|Ranked 12th]]
| adminarea_km2 = 3451
| adminhq = [[Taunton]]
| iso = GB-SOM
| ons = 40
| nuts3 = UKK23
| poprank = [[List of ceremonial counties of England by population|Ranked {{English cerem counties|RNK=Somerset}}]]
| popestdate = {{English statistics year}}
| pop = {{English cerem counties|POP=Somerset}}
| density_km2 = {{English cerem counties|DEN=Somerset}}
| adminpoprank = [[List of non-metropolitan counties of England by population|Ranked {{English admin counties|RNK=Somerset}}]]
| adminpop = {{English admin counties|POP=Somerset}}
| ethnicity = 98.5% White
| council = [[Image:Somerset-coa.png]] |alt=Coat of arms with a yellow shield with a red dragon supported by a red deer and bull with yellow crowns around their necks, above these are a gray coloured helmet surmounted by a white goat<br />Somerset County Council<br />
| exec = {{English county control|CTY=Somerset}}
| mps = *[[Jeremy Browne]] [[Liberal Democrats (UK)|(LD)]]
*[[Donald Foster (politician)|Don Foster]] (LD)
*[[Liam Fox]] [[Conservative Party (UK)|(C)]]
*[[David Heath]] (LD)
*[[David Heathcoat-Amory]] (C)
*[[David Laws]] (LD)
*[[Ian Liddell-Grainger]] (C)
*[[Dan Norris]] [[Labour Party (UK)|(L)]]
*[[John Penrose (politician)|John Penrose]] (C)
| subdivmap = [[Image:Somerset Ceremonial Numbered2.gif]] |alt=map of the five non metrolitan districts and two unitary authorities in the ceremonial county
| subdivs = #[[South Somerset]]
#[[Taunton Deane]] (Borough)
#[[West Somerset]]
#[[Bath and North East Somerset]] (Unitary)
#[[North Somerset]] (Unitary)