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== Caveats--Where should/shouldn't you contribute where your language skills are weak==
==='''knowOn your audiencenative language project'''===
You'd be surprised how many foreign language entries need obvious correction.
Does the part of speech match the translation? There are lots of these. Some people out there think "otherwise" is a noun. And I suspect some foreign language speakers don't know the English grammar terms off the top of their heads and get confused. Correct the entries. Consider creating templates to help them. Here, if I enter -conjunction- I get -bynwurd-. Kewl huh? Giving the users here the reverse courtesy is on my to-do list.
You're learning a language but something just looks funny? Download a spell-checker in the foreign language for your browser. (For firefox many here: A Frysk one here: Does it flag one letter off? A quick google search, or wikipedia search! can be enlightening. It will show you the term in context so you can reality check. If it's a word prominent enough to have a whole article, see that list on the left? Click English and voilà! Translation in big bold letters right at the top! ;-)
===On foreign language projects: '''know your audience'''===
====What's the purpose of the project?====