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Duplicate articles?[boarne bewurkje]

Sorry that I write in English (en:User:PJTraill 00.31, 17 jul 2006 (CEST)). I observe that there are articles Hôftennis and Jeu de Paume in frysk on what is essentially the same game. See also the confusion documented in en:Talk:Jeu de paume. 00.37, 17 jul 2006 (CEST): sorry, I see that the articles do refer to one another.

Jeu de Paume is the historical game, which has spawned several sports. Hôftennis is Real Tennis, the modern, if no longer as popular, racket sport. The reason they are not treated as a single subject, is that apparently Real Tennis came into being in a split: The pro-racket faction comtinued into what eventually became Real Tennis, the anti-racket faction continued without racquets, which eventually lead to field sports like Frisian handball and Pelota and wall sports like American handball and Racquetball.
Checking the articles, I see not all of this is obvious. Especially, the illustration used might be less than ideal. I'll see if we can improve on this.
PJTrail freget at Hôftennis en Jeu de Paume dûbelde siden binne, en ik haw útlein dat dat net sa is. Faaks koe dit op de side oer Jeu de Paume al dúdliker; benammen it ôfbyld en it ûntstean fan lettere sporten. Aliter