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Can anybody help, so I can copy the picture to Danish wikipedia? Rmir2 (oerlis) 21 jul 2017, 18.29 (CEST)

@Rmir2: Well, normally, you would need to download this file to your computer, then upload it on the Danish Wikipedia by using the "Læg en fil op"-option in the "Værktøjer"-division of the Wikipedia sidebar on the left side of your screen. However, it appears this (local) function has been disabled on the Danish Wikipedia for some unfathomable reason, because when you click on "Læg en fil op" you are invited to upload a picture to Wikimedia Commons.
On Wikimedia Commons only completely copyright-free pictures as accepted. As this picture of Pasma is from about 1880, there is no copyright on it, so you can safely upload it on Wikimedia Commons following the instructions in Danish that appear on your screen when you click on the "Læg en fil op"-option. Or, you can go straight to Wikimedia Commons and click on the "upload file"-option in the sidebar there, where you can follow instructions in English. When the file is uploaded on Wikimedia Commons, it should appear on the page on Pasma on the Danish Wikipedia. However, not all pictures used on the Frisian Wikipedia are completely free of copyright, so be careful if you want to upload other pictures from here to Commons. Regards, Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 21 jul 2017, 20.38 (CEST)
Thank You! Big help. Rmir2
@Rmir2: A heads up about Frisian naming conventions: Hendrik is the first name, Pasma is the family name. Frânses is a patronymic, from Frâns (Dutch: Frans), which (apparently) was his father's first name. Normally, Frisian patronymics are formed by adding -s to the original name (Sjoerd --> Sjoerds, Jan --> Jans, etc.), but because Frâns ends in an S already, a voiceless e is inserted between both S's. Ieneach fan 'e Esk (oerlis) 21 jul 2017, 21.21 (CEST)
OK. Rmir2