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Tank foar jo help by it ferbetterjen fan de Fryske Wikipedy. Dat ik jo oanpassings weromset haw, betsjut net dat wat jo woenen gjin ferbettering wêze koe, mar it is baas en oerlis earst op de Wikipedy:Oerlisside oer hoe't dat op dizze wikipedy dien wurde kin. Aliter 4 des 2008, 00.55 (CET)

Aliter... you know I don't speak Frysk. You're the one who was complaining that the fywiki pages were still in English. I don't know what you want from me. Cbrown1023 oerlis 4 des 2008, 03.19 (CET)

As digits in nicks do not always convey meaning to me, I hadn't realised you were the same person. Since you didn't have a Babel box up, I didn't want to bother you with a foreign language before I had the confirmation that you didn't understand Frisian.

The message was more or less what you write yourself. You don't understand Frisian, but feel the Donation page needs a change. Address the problem on the general discussion page, or at the embasy if you prefer. That way we can together find a Frisian solution to the problem. Aliter 5 des 2008, 00.14 (CET)

So you'd rather link to old, out-of-date pages, than the new ones that you just translated? Cbrown1023 oerlis 5 des 2008, 01.14 (CET)

I'd rather have Frisian pages that are up-to-date. At the time I put back the functioning version as the new one did not give me Frisian; I don't know whether that was through my mistake or someone else's. But if you want to know whether I would prefer a local page to the page currently up at Foundation, then I can confirm that such is the case. The latter version is anti-html-ed to a wide screen, hardly has any contrast for its menu bar, is a mix of styles, and, according to the structure such as it is, it's not about supporting Wikipedia. But more importantly, we'd lose half of the visitors for trying to get them to follow another link for no discernible reason, and half again for serving a page in a completely different style from the ones they left. Yes, I'd prefer an up-to-date page here on the Frisian wikipedia. The link to the Foundation page we could then provide as a kind of external link, so those following it would know what to expect.

Please, indicate where our current page is out of date, so we can fix it before we gain another 100 pages. Aliter 11 des 2008, 21.38 (CET)

Why don't you just use the text that you translated and add it/change it accordingly? Also, Alex created the workspace for you like you requested. Congratulations on the milestone. Cbrown1023 oerlis 31 des 2008, 15.47 (CET)